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Saturday, January 22, 2005

   Thanks Guys!
I'm so glad that so many of you like my latest drawing! You have left such super-sweet comments that I can't wait to post my next one...which should be very soon! Oh and for those who didn't see yesterday's post, here's the link to it again: Click Here!

China Town is awesome! A group of my buds went to China Town and I got every single Inuyasha soundtrack ever made for only $20! It comes with all the songs from the show, movies, as well as the symphonic 'Wind' soundtrack! It even comes with the techno remixes of almost all the beginning and end songs from the show! The song playing on my site right now is the Karoke version of 'My Will.' Yes, it even has the Karoeke versions too. So, if anyone wants ANY song from Inuyasha ever made, just catch me on AIM and I can send it to you!

Have you guys seen the trailer(s) for the new Final Fantasy movie? It's called 'Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.' Oh dear god it looks so freakin amazing!! I can't WAIT for this to be released! Just check out some of the screencaps below of it:

So cool!! AH! The guy with the short-white hair...I can already tell he's going to be my fave. He's the bad guy too! You know what's funny? They made all the bad guys left-handed!! C'mon! Coming from someone who is left-handed...we are not ALL evil...MWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

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