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Friday, January 21, 2005

   Drawing is All Done!
I finished the drawing for Immortal Rain and it's up for viewing! Since the link on my site is down for maintenance(as well as every other person I noticed) here's the link straight to my drawing: Click Here!
Please go and have a look at it and vote and comment! I always love hearing what you guys think of my work!

As all my other drawings, this was done completely in prismacolor colored pencils. I actually finished this all in one day too! Drawn and colored with classes in between to interrupt my progress...*curse classes*. This probably took me 6 hours or so to complete it. I went crazy with the shading on this one...especially the faces. I'm still not sure if the hair color is right on either of them. The guy's name is Rain and his hair color was completely different from cover to cover and the girl, Machika, her hair color changed to but not to the extreme that his did. His eye color changed too from green to lavender! I dunno...but when I personally was reading the manga, I got the impression that his hair color was silver so that's what I made it.

Hope you guys like it and if anyone wants tips or anything about coloring or drawing, feel free to PM me! Oh and for those who wanted the html to make the background image stick, I'll PM those to you as well...thanks again Krystale! Oh! And another big THANK YOU to JigglyMonster for providing the background image! Ain't it awesome?^_^

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