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Thursday, January 20, 2005

   Those Who Have Read Immortal Rain...
WHAT THE HECK IS THE CHARACTER RAIN'S HAIR COLOR?! His hair color seems to change from cover to cover! It's a light pastel green on one and then it jumps to a reddish pink! I thought it was white judging by the pictures within but I'm not sure. I haven't read the 1st one so I didn't know if they told us in that volume. Does anyone know 'cause I'll be starting coloring of the drawing soon? Speaking of Immortal Rain I just finished the 3rd volume. OH MY FREAKING LORD is it good!! I could NOT put it down and usually I don't try and read a manga all at once 'cause I like to treat myself but with this one...nope read straight through it without a bored thought passing through my head. Anyone else read the 3rd one? Oh that Yuca...BASTARD! ARGH! Poor Rain! And he was dying in his mortal life too and didn't want the others to see...*sniff* oh Oh OH! And the part where Rain plants an ENTIRE field of white flowers for Freya because she told him she missed the snow and how it blanketed the Earth and he thought this would make her happy again. Oh man...if a guy did that for me...I wouldn't be here on Otaku...I'd be off on my HONEYMOON!

I usually don't watch Inuyasha on Cartoon Network because I can't stand the english dubs but I happened to catch one the other day and it happened to be one of my fave ones! It was the one when Inuyasha is in Kagome's time and goes off saving all those people and stuff. Ok...this BUGGED me. WHY DID THEY CHANGE THE VOICE OF THE FREAKIN CAT!! In the original version, Kagome's cat Buyo has a low rumble that's hilarious! And they actually changed it to sound like the average cat. What the heck?! And then...the part when Inuyasha is sleeping...they actually changed his breathing! I mean...why is this necessary! Not only that but in the original version, he is sleeping pretty calmly and quietly, just sorta breathing a bit more heavily like one does when sleeping. And they changed it so he was snoring?! That angered me for some reason because Inuyasha does NOT snore!

Have you guys seen the trailer for the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory starring Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka? Oh man, it looks SO awesome and it's directed by Tim Burton!! They made it more like a creepy version of the tale which is how it's pretty much supposed to be and Willy Wonka looks so cool! Look at the picture below! JOHNNY!!!^_^

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