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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

   What Do You Guys Think of the New Lay-Out?
I hope you guys still recognized where you were when you came in! I didn't and forgot about it when I checked it out again! I thought these colors worked better together. I mean, I still like green but these are purty too^_^

I must give a super thanks to Krystale for telling me how to make it so the background would stick so it wouldn't scroll as the person scrolled through my site! What a doll! Thank you!!

Based on yesterdays poll, it seems like a pretty close match between Kenshin and Immortal Rain for my next drawing. Many wanted Immortal Rain simply because they don't know it well and want to see the characters! And I can't leave people in their curious state-of-mind so I'll be doing that one 1st and then Kenshin and then Fruits Basket. Thanks to those who answered my poll...which was everyone!

If you guys are interested in owning my ORIGINAL Inuyasha drawing called 'Lean on Me,' then it's up for grabs right now on e-bay! Here is the link to the auction: CLICK HERE!
The auction ends Sunday night and already has 2 bids so if you want it, then keep an eye on it!

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