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Monday, January 17, 2005

   Music Video is Back!
YAY! My Inuyasha music video back! And it's much much bigger! Now you guys don't have to sit 2 inches from the screen! The audio is still not to its full potential and sometimes the video gets pixelated and stuff but hey, I had to condense it SO much that this is the best I could do. The original version is big enough to be full-screened but there's no way that I could get that bad-boy online. Just click PLAY on the video below to watch it! This was made ripping video from my Inuyasha DVD's and then using Adobe Premiere to edit it! I hope you guys still enjoy it!

And for those who have a slower connection, here's the smaller version again! Sorry for the crappy crappy quality!

Quick question: How many episodes are there in the anime Rurouni Kenshin? I know that some have already seen the final episode and I just got episodes 1-94 on DVD and am wondering if that's the entire series? If anyone knows pretty pretty please let me know! THANKS!

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