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Saturday, January 15, 2005

   YAY Mangas!
I finished Rurouni Kenshin volume 1 today and it took lots of will power not to jump right into volume 2! I go through these mangas so fast and I could read all of them within a day but I try and not do that. I understand Kenshin quite a bit more now that I read the 1st...I had jumped straight to the 10th edition and picked it up pretty well but lots of stuff makes more sense now...imagine that!

I also went and downloaded the 1st and 2nd episode of Rurouni Kenshin off the internet and look forward to watching those! The original versions too! Un-Edited!! WOOT! I have seen the Kenshin movie though awhile ago...I think it was called Samurai X? Boy was that gory and depressing but damn good! At least I know how he got that scar! Have you guys ever seen the un-edited versions of Inuyasha? Hoi-boy do they curse left and right. But in good context though!

I was watching the Extended Edition of Lord of the Rings....again! And I've never ever noticed this! For those who have seen it...you know at the end of the movie, when the remainder of the Fellowship get back together and are all happy and reunited and stuff? Well, you can see Gimli crying!! He's wiping tears from this eyes! How freakin' cute is that!? The bad-ass dwarf gets emotional at reunions apparently. Lookie! I took a screencap of it too!

Ain't that cute!! Sorry, I'm easily awed by sweetness!^_^

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