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Friday, January 14, 2005

WOW! It seems like you guys are liking my latest drawing of adult Shippou!^_^ Thanks for all your wonderful comments about it and I must give a special thanks to Awesomedude898 who actually uploaded my drawing onto his site and gave a lot of praise for it! THANK YOU!!

It also seems that the females of the audience are thinking that he looks pretty scrumptious. I dunno...I just think he would grow up to be pretty good looking! He's just so cute now that he better be cute when he gets older! I think it's that bad-boy image that I sorta gave him...I think us chicks dig that. LOL! I showed the drawing to one of my friends at home who's into Inuyasha too...and she said that she wanted to hump the drawing!! Ha! Yeah hmmmmm...I think I may have to hide it from her.:-P

Yesterday I went out and got me some more mangas! I already read through my other 3 I just got so I wanted some more! I got the 1st and 2nd editions of 'Rorouni Kenshin'....I got the next edition of 'Immortal Rain'...I got the next volume of 'Angel Sanctuary'....and I got 2 volumes of 'Vampire Game'(thanks for the suggestion DragonMasterKate...they look awesome!). Yeah, so I got lots of mangas now! I went from having none to 10 within a few days! Why did it take me so long to pick one up? *Hangs head in shame* I'm a disgrace.

Thanks to all those gave me the suggestions for other mangas too! Most that you guys mentioned I remembered and browsed through. Well, here's the thing...if the artwork doesn't catch my eye, I don't bother. I know, this probably means I'm missing out on many great mangas but I need that eye-candy and if it looks impressive to me, then I get it! I just think 'Angel Sanctuary', amd 'Immoral Rain' are amazingly drawn and I really like the styles of 'Rorouni Kenshin' and 'Vampire Game.' I know I'm picky! But you guys are such a help when it comes to this stuff!^_^


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