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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

   YAY! New Drawing is Finished!!
Whew...does my wrist and back hurt. I started this drawing and finished it all in one day! What is it of you ask? WHY IT'S ADULT SHIPPOU!!! Do some of you remember when I mentioned that I wanted to do this piece. Well, it was a couple months ago so if you forgot then it's ok.

I even took a poll on what hair stye you guys would have preferred on him. Almost 100% said they wanted his hair to be down but it didn't end up happening:-( Sorry! I originally did draw him with his hair down but the problem was...he didn't look like Shippou! So, I made his hair much longer, lowered the pony-tail and got rid of the bow he wears in it. I think I like how it turned out and again, sorry for those who wanted his hair down...it just didn't feel like Shippou anymore!

Originally, I had a totally different composition for this piece. Awesomedude898 knows what the original plan was. It was going to be a full body shot but then this composition just popped into my head and I thought this would be much better! I wanted the focus to be on Shippou's face, eyes, expression...to give him that mischievious nature of his and a full body shot would make his face harder to read. I also wanted to have him holding his fox fire flame and wanted more attention on that as well. The background idea stayed the same though!

Anywho, like I said on the comment under my drawing...I had a BLAST doing this piece! I didn't think it would be so much fun but it was! I loved doing the eyes...which were inspired by Kenshin's eyes that I was gushing about yesterday after getting the manga. Obviously altered a bit but they may look similar. Shippou's hair was also a lot of fun taking what his hair looks like as a little kid to what it would look like when he got older. The shading on his face, hand, and fox fire flame were also oodles of fun! The background was a bit of a biotch though. I think it took me as long to do as Shippou did!

Like all the others and I feel like I'm repeating myself, but this was done ENTIRELY IN PRISMACOLOR COLORED PENCILS! People still ask me what I use well, that's it! No secret! Oh, and I used a colorless blender...which is like a waxy, dry pencil...to smooth out the lines.

I hope you guys enjoy it and please let me know what you think!^_^

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