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Saturday, January 8, 2005

Drastic Decision...
I had to make a dramatic decision today. Which calender do I hang up? I got TWO different calender for X-Mas..one of Inuyasha, one of Legolas...and my walls are so decked out with posters and drawings, that I only have room for one! So, I had to choose! *CRIES!* I eventually decided on Legolas since I do like Lord of the Rings more than Inuyasha..*dives a Tetsuiga attack from Inuyasha.* But once I go back to my dorm in college then I'll have room for both so it'll be all good!

Speaking of Legolas anyone see the Extended Edition of Return of the King? Two words..."DRINKING GAME!!" For those who don't know the movies...the elf Legolas and the dwarf Gimli are extremely competitive so at a little celebration these two decide to have themselves a little contest and as Gimli puts it: "Last one standing, wins!" And of course it involves lotsa and lotsa ale. LOL!!! Well, for those who don't know the traditional Mirkwood elf which Legolas happens to be a prince of...they are quite known for their fine wines and rockin' parties. Needless to say, Legolas won this round! I have a couple screencaps of the scene too!^_^

LOL!! I LOVE this face...he's all like...'what the hell are these people making me consume?"


Sorry...I couldn't resist!^_^

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