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Friday, January 7, 2005

   Awesome Day!!
Ok, I went out shopping with some of my friends and had such an awesome time!! I got a tripod for my new digital camera I got for X-Mas, I got 2 new animes using my FYE giftcard that my bro and wife got me which are Spiral...which I watched the 1st episode and was quite amused and impressed...and I got the new movie by the same director who did Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away which is called 'Grave of the Fireflies.' Then I got Final Fantasy X-2 for PS2 and Super Monkey Ball for my GameboyAdvance. And then....here's the best part...we went to Friendlys for some ice cream and my friends surprised me by each buying me a Legolas Key Chain from Hot Topic!! I have like 8 different Legolas key chains now!! I'm the elf of the group and they thought I wouldn't mind sporting around the hunky elf from Lord of the Rings...which I don't!! Too bad I don't have that many sets of keys but I'll rotate them!!

Legolas rocks my socks! I mean...c'mon!! Those who have seen the movies can't help but think Legolas is cool is some form or another...he's just so....mysterious and beats the crap out of the bad guys. He's quite different in the books though...yeah he still beats ass but he has a much better sense of humor! He's the ultimate SMART-ASS in the books but they don't show that nearly enough in the movies.

Ok...I've been played Final Fantasy X-2 for about 4 hours now...am approx 14% done with it and I must say...yeah, it's a lot of fun...but WHY DID THEY MAKE YUNA SO FREAKIN' DITSY!!!!! In FFX the original version which I played the whole way through..she was quiet, gentle, graceful, but still beat ass! Now she's skanky, ditsy, flakey, yeah she still kicks ass but not in the cool low-key way that she did in FFX. Now she's like..."look at my skanky outfits!" I just got past the part where she had the nightmare about her and Tidus getting shot and killed. Oh man, I wanted to cry!!! But it's that Yuna I like!! And I miss Tidus!!! *CRIES!!* Anyone else agree who has played this game? They were such a cute couple!

Anywho, I'm off to draw some more...but what?! Oh man, I'm mysterious ain't I?

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