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Thursday, January 6, 2005

   The Drunken Inuyasha Group....
Seems you guys enjoyed yesterday's post of the drunk Inuyasha group! That episode is probably all in all the FUNNIEST episode. That's the same episode in which they were using their abilities to clean the Monk's temple! Like Inuyasha was using Kaza no Kazu to bat out the dust from a rug. Sango was using Hiraikotsu to cute wood and Miroku was using Kazaana to "vacuum!" LOL! The other episode I though was HILARIOUS was when Kagome is helping her friends put together a festival and they perform a play and Inuyasha comes crashing in while the play is being held in front of a HUGE audience because he thought Kagome was in trouble. And then when he realizes it's pretend and he's in front of a ton of people, he starts showing off all his Tetsaiga abilities and the audience eats it up and is cheering him on! Inuyasha is such a hamm!

The other funny thing about the drunk Inuyasha group is that how is REALLY is when you get smashed with a group of your friends. One of my friends is like Sango in that she's happy...then she loves you...then she gets depressed...then she gets mad...then she's tired. I'm like Shippou in that you can't shut me up and I laugh non-stop. And I have a couple friends who are dating and the girl Katie is always trying to go somewhere and leave (like Kagome) and her boy toy Gavin, is like Inuyasha in he's like "no, no...come back here." And no...I don't get drunk often! Just now and again and it's only with my friends...not like at a Frat party or something like that.

Oh, and sorry I have no audio clip today...I don't feel like making one tonight:-/

One more thing I should mention. Since I'm on the crappiest, slowest dial-up known to man...for the time being, while I'm home on vacation I wont be able to go to all my friend's sites...I've limited it to if YOU LEAVE A COMMENT FOR ME THEN I'LL LEAVE A COMMENT FOR YOU! So, if you don't visit me on a certain date, then I wont be going to yours. I'm not being mean or anything...this is just till I get back to my faster internet or else it takes me like 4 hours to go to all my bud's sites.


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