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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

The Drunk Inuyasha Group
Inu-neko-yasha mentioned that she wanted to hear the scene that involved the Inuyasha group when they got drunk. So, here it is!! This will also allow you guys to hear what the entire group sound like in their amazingly wonderful ORIGINAL voices. This scene is just too freakin funny and this ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!! This comes from episode 135 and for those who would like to read along with the voices or can't hear the audio either because they don't have Windows Media Player 7 or above or no speakers, here's the scene all typed out for you!! Enjoy!!

The group is very quiet. They are on a mission to find the God of Wine…there is a strange fog surrounding them and Inuyasha’s eyes are darting back and forth….
Inuyasha: “What!?”
Hatchi: (Transformed into Kagome)“I, Kagome #2 will dance for you!”
Shippou: (Transformed into Kagome)“I, Kagome #3 will laugh for you!”
Kagome: “Everyone looks so happy and they all look just like me…..WHO CARES?! SING!!!!”
*All 3 Kagome’s in a chorus line singing, dancing and laughing…keep in mind that the real Kagome is singing into her hair brush…LOL!!
Inuyasha: “What on earth is going on?”
Miroku: “Everyone, don’t breath in the fog…(goes on a little on demons)….it seems to have the effect of making everyone drunk!”
Inuyasha: “What are you talking about? We didn’t get drunk at all.”
Miroku: “I’m just telling you the facts!”
Kagome: “Oh this is fun! Let’s go out and get the demon!” (She and the 3 “Kagome’s” start walking away)
Inuyasha: “Hey! Wait! You can’t go out there!”
Sango: “HAHAHAHA!!!” (Comes staggering forward)
Inuyasha: “Sango….”
Sango: (Jumps into Inuyasha’s arms) “Inuyasha!!”
Inuyasha: “Sa…Sango! What the hell are you doing?!”
Sango: (Hugging Inuyasha and rubbing her face up and down on his chest) “I don’t care about him. Let’s go.”
Inuyasha: “L-Let’s go?!”
Sango: “That stupid, simple-minded Miroku and that narrow-minded Kagome, don’t count on them! Just let us two go on to beat Naraku! Hmmm….(leans forward to kiss him)
Inuyasha: *Cringes and tries to pull away*
Kagome: “SIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT!!!!!”
Sango: (Breaks down and starts crying)
Shippou: (Still looking like Kagome) “It looks as though a tragedy play is taking place!”
Miroku: “Sango…” (Kneels down in front of her as she continues crying)
Shippou: “Now the 1st embarrassed actor goes to the leading actress to comfort her.”
Sango: “Houshi-Sama(which means ‘Monk’)…..HOUSHI SAMA YOU SIMPLE-MINDED JERK!!!!!!”
Shippou: “Now it’s turned into an action film!!!!”
Hachi: “BEAT HIM! BEAT HIM!!!!”
Sango: “Hiraikotsu!!!” *Throws her bone-boomerang*
Miroku: *Barely misses getting nailed by it* “Now I understand. This is just what the demon wanted to happen. To turn us against each other….Inuyasha! Blow away the fog with Kaze no Kazu!”
(Sorry this part got cut a bit!! Inuyasha: (Still being pulverized by Kagome’s Sit command) “Sorry I can’t help you.”

Ok, there's the text, now here's the audio...just PUSH PLAY!


HA! It cracks me up! And for those who didn't see yesterdays post, you can hear just Inuyasha and Kagome speaking to each other there!

Are there any other characters/scenes you guys want to hear in the original voices? Just lemme know!!

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