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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

   Original Inuyasha Voices.....Take 2!!!
Oops sorry guys! I forgot to keep posting the original Inuyasha voices for those who've never heard them before! I've had a few people asking me when I was posting the next one...so, here we go!

Anywho, the voices I had before were of Inuyasha and Kikyo so now we have Inuyasha and Kagome! Kagome's English voice....*shutter* I think is the absolute WORST of them all. That's my own personal opinion of course I'm sure some don't mind it. Oh man...the english voice..she can't act and she CAN'T SAY INUYASHA'S NAME RIGHT!! She always says it like a ditsy cheerleader who's never spoken his name before. GRRRRR..she is the main reason I don't watch the English version!! Kagome's original voice...*sigh* much much better and not as squeaky and annoying as the english one.

The scene you're going to hear is between Inuyasha and Kagome and basically Kagome is telling Inuyasha that through all her troubles, she was still able to hear Inuyasha's voice through the Sacred Tree and Inuyasha replies that it was because he was worried about her (he's quite suttle about it too..so CUTE!!).

Then Kagome offers to make some food for Inuyasha and Inuyasha says he wants the yellow stuff that was so good. Kagome asks "you mean the fried eggs?" And Inuyasha replies, "Not that stuff...the one in the cup." Kagome realizes he's talking about the Ramen noodles and is none to please about that and asks if that's the only thing of hers he likes and he replies..."Of course, what do you think?"
He soon realizes his error in saying that as one totally pissed off Kagome is standing over him looking like a demon-witch from the brinks of hell and she screams her oh-so-famous line..."INUYASHA!!!!! SIT!!!!!"

LOL!!!LOL!!!LOL!!! God she is funny. Anywho, to listen to this clip, just push stop on the music in my profile (if it's still playing) and Push Play below! Enjoy!


Isn't that great? I LOVE these voices! I will post more if you guys want and for those whove never heard the voices...are there certain character(s) you want to hear? I have the whole series on DVD and can rip them so just lemme know!

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