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Monday, January 3, 2005

   New Drawing of Inuyasha and Kagome!
Sorry to you Kikyo fans out there but I added a new drawing of Inu and Kag:-/ You know what's awesome?! When I submit drawings to this site, they're now automatically approved and posted! YAY! No more waiting hours and hours! Does that happen after you submit a certain amount or get a certain amount of votes?

Anywho, about the new drawing. I wanted to color a drawing that was more so in my own personal style than that of the classic anime. I'm an illustration and drawing major in college and this is more so how my illustration pieces are colored when I do them for assignments. My teacher doesn't allow anime style in our classes and doesn't like flat color either! *Cries*

Anywho, this is not my own original drawing. Coloration yes, but the postitions themselves no. A friend of mine sent me a picture and it was nothing but an outline and not colored. It may come from an Inuyasha manga? I'm not sure. I just re-drew it and colored it in because I thought this was a good piece to attempt my own style in an Inuyasha drawing. This was done entirely in Prismacolor Colored Pencils and a colorless blender to smooth the lines. So please go and comment on it and vote if you would like!

You want to know what my favorite part to do on this piece was? THE BLUSHING!!! I had SO much fun adding the blush into their cheeks...especially Inuyasha's whose I made a bit darker^_^

Thanks guys and I love ya all!!^_^

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