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Friday, December 31, 2004

   Bandwith Overload!!!
Well, the bandwith for the month got used up already for my Inuyasha Music video. Sheesh! It was what? Less than 2 weeks? Good job guys!! Heehee...really, I don't mind! I think it's great that you guys like it that much! Don't worry, it will be up again and guess what?! IT'LL BE MUCH MUCH BIGGER!!! Now, you wont have to sit 2" from your monitor! I found a way to compress it so the video doesn't get condensed so much and can still fit onto the hosting site! But for some reason, the site isn't working right so I can't get the video up but I'll keep trying!

Oh, and noticing from people's comments about my Legend of Zelda drawing...people have mentioned they think the eyes and mouth look awkward. Well, a couple people did note this already(silvanelves and bakaboy I believe) but I was NOT NOT NOT trying to make this look anime!! I drew this before I knew much about it plus, our teacher does NOT allow us to draw things in anime style. He makes you fix it if it does! Cruel isn't it? But yes, it does resemble anime in the fact that the eyes are large but I wasn't trying to make it look anime. That's also why the lips may seem different because...well, anime characters don't have lips! I'm not saying that my drawing is perfect or anything...it sure as hell isn't in my book but...I just thought I'd make it clear that the anime style isn't what I was going for in this drawing. But you guys are still totally, 100% allowed to have your own opinions on it and I completely respect that!!

Anywho, I'm going to a party tonight with my buds! WOHOO!! Time to celebrate the new year and come to the realization that I have to go out looking for a realy job/career this summer since I'm graduating college! *Cries*

Well, I hope you guys have some fun tonight and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

See you all next year!!

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