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Thursday, December 30, 2004

   Legend of Zelda Drawing....
YAY! I did a drawing based on one of my all-time favorite games! Actually, this was an assignment for my illustration class a couple years back but I just recently found it while going through my portfolio! The assignment: Take a famous character(s) and make it into a unique, stylized version that's more your own. While, most people did characters like Bugs Bunny or Homer Simpson...I did Link and Epona(his horse). Everyone knew who it was too and all the guys in the class were like "Duuuuuuuuude..." Even though I'm a girl but I think they thought it was cool that I knew that game:-P Anywho, this was done all in woodless graphite pencil and hope you guys like it. When my fanart count goes from 16-17 then it's been added!!

Thanks for all the congrats on the 1,000 hits! The drawing seems to be pretty popular..especially with my fellow Lord of the Rings lovers^_^ Someone still out there couldn't stand my last 2 drawings being at 100% and voted them down...gotta love those flamers...especially around the holidays! Boy, does it make me feel loved.

Oh oh! I have a funny story. I was out with my friends at Friendlys Restaraunt and we were all sitting there chatting...and then one of my friends randomly reaches for the salt shaker, begins shaking it on himself and says "Help! I'm being asalted!" LOL!! I couldn't breath for about 20 minutes it was so great! It was just so.....random!! He's my dwarven friend too...man, is he witty!

Anywho, hugs and kisses to all of you!!^_^

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