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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

   1,000 Visitors to My Site!!
I changed this post a bit and put it up above in my profile so it could hang around a bit longer!

I did have 2 cool banners to go with this picture but for some reason, I couldn't get the links to work for it. Anywho...HERE IT IS!! The super duper ultra-cool drawing! Is it that super? I dunno, I'm just obsessed with Lord of the Rings so anything LOTR based is super in my book. I'm now in the top 500 ranking of this site too! Pretty dandy since I still don't know how people are finding me.

Oh, I uploaded this picture too to the gallery of Otaku so when my fanart # goes from 15-16 then its been added!

This drawing took FOREVER...with a capital "F!" Oh man, it took me awhile to draw the preliminary sketch. It just mostly had to do with the fact that I wanted to draw the entire Fellowship and *gulp* there are freakin' NINE of them! What was I thinking? And I almost forgot Boromir too! Yeah, I know he died but still...he was in the original Fellowship count! I started on the hobbits then worked my way around them. The person who gave me the hardest time was Gimli. CURSE YOU DWARF!! I kept on changing his position and how he was drinking the pint and then! He took the longest to color too! Son of a batch of cookies dwarf!

Some may or may not notice but when I colored in the character's flesh tones...not a single one of them are shaded the same! They all started out with the same base colors of light peach and deco orange but from there, they're ALL different. Not one of them have the same combonation of colors and I shaded them not only on character but depending on the race as well. Like the hobbits are the darkest because they're always outside gardening and stuff and I made Legolas the elf the palest since they're "fair of face" therefore, they don't tan or burn so they always look purty:-)

Oh, and as always...this was all colored by hand using TONS of layers and also going over some of it with a "colorless blender" which is a dry waxy pencil that will smoothly blend colored pencils!! Pretty neat, aye? And I'd say of my Prismacolored Pencil set of 96, almost EVERY color was used in some aspect of this drawing.

So yeah, this drawing took forever...it took me a lot of caffeine and no social life to get it done on time for the 1,000 hits like I promised. So...let us never speak of this again^_^

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