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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

   Will the flaming never stop!!!
Oh man, I thought I had it bad! I was browsing through other people's artwork and see the same thing happening to them as well! I notice the moment a name pops us in the top 10, people instantly go through people's work and vote "no"! My friend Gemini has just had this happen to her as well! I ask of those people out there who are angered by this or have had this happen to them, please Please PLEASE do what I did and e-mail the owner(s) of this site and tell them they need to change something about the voting system! What I recommended is, like other sites I have my work on, that if you vote on a drawing your name will automatically appear in the comment box whether you leave a comment or not. This stops people from randomly going through art and bashing it for no reason. Yeah, it may cause some conflicts but hell, if you can't tell the artist why you don't like the piece, then DON'T FREAKIN VOTE "NO" ON IT!!!! If you would like to know where to go to e-mail the owners, then just go to your account, then click "Otaku Boards" at the top of the page. On that page on the left-hand side towards the bottom, you'll see a link called "Contact Us." That's where I sent my letter and hope to get a reply from them soon.

Oh, and here's the links again for those interested in owning one of my artworks that are for sale on e-bay:
If you like my drawing of young Sango, Kohaku and Kirara, the link to that auction is here!
If you would like to own my new drawing of Kagome holding a sly-looking Inuyasha, then the auction is here!

Anywho, I got an Inuyasha magazine recently and I've always wondered some of their ages in the show...so, just for fun, here's the list of the character's official ages as well as what their names mean!
Inuyasha: 18 physically but is at least 70 years old. His name translated is "Demon Dog"
Kagome: 15 and her name translated is "Woven Bamboo Pattern"
Sango: 16 and her name translated is "Coral"
Kirara: 300+ and her translated is "Mica"
Miroku: 19 and his name translated is "Maitreya" (a Buddhist God)
Shippou: 6 and his name translated is "Seven Jewels"
Sesshoumaru: Unknown age but is approx. 10-20 years older than Inuyasha and his name translated is "Perfect Killer" or "Perfect (Circle of Life) Killer"
Kikyo: 17 and her name translated is "Bellflower"
Naraku: 50 and his name translated is "Hell"
Kouga: 16 and his name translated is "Steal Fang"
Rin: 7 and her name translated is "Park"

Pretty neat, aye?

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