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Friday, December 10, 2004

   YAY! It's done!
The drawing of Inuyasha and Kagome is finally done! *Whew!* Between juggling finals and my art, I'm surprised I finally finished it! I added it onto this site but I also added it to DeviantArt as well, and since Otaku limits the size of the pieces, if you want to see the larger version of it then click here.

I had made a listing on e-bay that told people that I would do any Inuyasha drawing made especially for them. I told them it could be of any character, doing anything, with anyone! Well, the person who won that auction told me they wanted a drawing of Inuyasha and Kagome in the classic anime style, and she wanted them facing each other, with somber-like faces, and to have Inuyasha's hand covering the tops of Kagome's. From there she told me to do what I wanted which included the background. Well, this is the result! She was very very pleased with it so that made me happy.

This was done, like the others, using prismacolor colored pencils and ink to fill in Kagome's hair and for the outline of the characters. I think the background took me longer to color then the characters!!

Hope you guys like it and I'm now working on another Inuyasha and Kagome drawing but done in the chibi style. It think it's going to be very cute. After that one, I hope to get going on adult Shippou and from there I already have been nabbed for some requests! WOHOO!!! IT'S FRIDAY!!!

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