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Thursday, December 9, 2004

3 days and a few curses later...my college got off its lazy butt and fixed our internet! Oh man, I got so much school work done...yeah, it was awful. Heehee, I'm SO on my way to check my guestbook and PM's so I can't get back to everyone. Really! I wasn't ignoring anyone!

Oh, for those wondering, the drawing of Xandir and Toot is, like I mentioned, from the show 'Drawn Together' which airs on Comedy Central after South Park on Weds at 10:30 PM. If you get the chance, you should really check it out, it's so funny! On the next episode, they have Richie Rich being Donald Trump! HA!! It's so great! And it's fun to watch the parody characters like Ling Ling whose a Pikachu looking creature who just goes around plotting on killing everyone and gets pissed when the dishes aren't done which he can vent all he wants because the other characters don't have a clue on what he's saying...they think he's a pet basically.

I went X-Mas shopping today in China Town and bought all my friend's Ramen bowls. Yes, Ramen bowls. I have one and I use it for EVERYTHING! They're just dandy. My parents know that I'm stressing over finals so they sent me a package filled with my fave candies and treats...I think they're trying to make me fat. So, what's the #1, oh my god I can't live without it, gift that people asked for this Christmas?

And yes for those people who keep asking, my drawing of Inu and Kag is almost done and it may be posted as soon as tomorrow!

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