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Tuesday, December 7, 2004

   Stupid internet....
Son of a batch of cookies! I hate when the internet goes down in the dorm rooms. It happens every now and again and you know the funny thing is, we don't have classes today, it's supposed to be "Study Day." Good timing on my college's part since I actually NEED the internet today to do research on a paper!! GRRRRRR!!! So, I'm in the labs and am taking a break from Shakespeare. *Whew*

Anywho, I finished that drawing I was telling you guys about yesterday of the characters from the show 'Drawn Together.' I'll probably not post it on this site since I don't think it qualifies as anime but if you guys let me know whether it is or not, then I'd probably post it here too. Here's the link to it and it's also here that I have the explanation on how I did it and what the show it about: click here!

Also, I'm almost done with the drawing that I was paid to do so I'm going to be continuing my adult Shippou drawing. I also am DYING to try my hand at drawing Inuyasha in 'chibi' style so I may pop one of those out one of these days.

Oh, and yes, I sold the drawing of Inuyasha fighting Sesshoumaru on e-bay and I plan on selling my drawing on young Sango, Kohaku, and Kirara soon so I'll let you guys know when that's up and listed since I got yelled at last time because I didn't post it till it was basically too late. ^_^

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