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Monday, December 6, 2004

Wow! I can't believe the amount of people who have wandered onto my site because I was their random Otaku member. I wonder why my name shows up so much? Maybe it's the Ramen thing. Mmmmmmm Ramen. And I've already had over 500 visitors to my site! WAHOO!! Hey, if it reaches 1,000, I would do a super duper ultra-cool drawing that would be based on that little factor. *Hint *Hint *Nudge *Nudge. ^_^

I had a great time this weekend too. One of my buds came up and visited me and I showed her the sites of NYC and took her to a bunch of cool anime places. I even got the latest Inuyasha figures of Kikyo and Sesshoumaru to go with my Inuyasha and Kagome one. They look ever-so-nice on my desk. I got the last Sesshoumaru one too *laughs evilly*. The coolest part of the Sesshoumaru toy, is that they left his fluffy thing...fluffy! *Gives it a hug and snuggles face in the softness* OUCH! Tenseiga just stabbed me in the eye!

Have any of you guys seen the show 'Drawn Together'? It's a reality show but the characters are all cartoons! Heehee...they have parodies on almost all types of cartoons and yes, including an anime one. Anywho, I did a quick drawing of my 2 fave characters and will probably not post it on this site since it may not be catergorized as anime but it will be on DeviantArt and I'll provide some linkage to that. I'm not sure what the restrictions are on this site when it comes to posting non-anime drawings. Anyone know?

Well, love to all and I'll be swinging by your sites since I wasn't here all weekend!^_^

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