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Sunday, November 21, 2004

   Wanna See One of My Drawings in Progress...
Well, if you do, I created a small site that shows one of my drawings in progress. I got the idea from when I showed how I created one of my photo-realistic drawings and people seemed to really dig that. The drawing I used was the latest one I posted which is the one of Juri. I hope this will help show you guys how I go about my drawings since I get oh-so-many questions about that...not that I mind:-D I also hope that this may help some of you fellow artists out there who are trying new things or just want to try and improve on coloring or something.
The site to go to is: My Drawing
Thanks Spike bebop for teaching me how to html the link^_^

As always, I love you guys! You're all so sweet!! I must say this though..."HOLY REQUESTS POURING IN!!" I'm so honored that so many of you are asking me for requests of drawings and I promise, I'll do as many of them as I can but I can't guarantee all of them. Sorry!:-( If only I wasn't going to school I could spend more time on anime. Who needs education anyway!? heehee..don't listen to me, that's not good advice. Be cool stay in school!^_^

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