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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

   Thank you guys!
I just had to yell out a huge THANK YOU to all of you wonderful supporters out there about my drawings! I feel honored that so many of you have had the need to actually leave me private messages and comments just to tell me that they enjoy my work. Hearing stuff like that reminds me why I decided to share my drawings with others in the 1st place. *I think I may cry;-)* I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!
Oh and for those who don't like my work, that's ok too...everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that:-D
I have started my next drawing and I actually have it all drawn out and inked I just have to color it now. Since I had such a big response about my latest style, I'm keeping that aspect for this one of Sesshoumaru. I did modify the style a tad here in there but it still is in the same aspect as the Inuyasha one. Hopefully, I'll have finished as early as tonight and possibly have that posted sometime tomorrow or Thursday^_^

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