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Saturday, November 13, 2004

   Added New Drawing!
I got my latest drawing done and have uploaded it onto this site. I hope you all like it! I had a lot of fun drawing it since I adore these 2 and wish they'd get together already!! Argh!! This piece didn't give me all that much trouble except for Kagome's hand. Her hand was everywhere since I couldn't decide where to put it. Originally, it was on Inu's cheek closest to the viewer, but I didn't like that so then it migrated to his shoulder, then under his chin, then it wasn't there at all, then it was back on his cheek and FINALLY...I put it on the further cheek and boom! I liked it there...go fig it was the last place I put it.
Inu's hair was being a pain too. Drawing it wasn't bad but when it came to coloring it, it just took so long since he just has so much hair! I started giggling to myself while doing his hair too, 'cause the final color I always use for it is 'periwinkle.' And I couldn't help but wonder if Inu would get ticked on my for using that color since the name is just so...flakey and "girly." Heehee.
For those wondering, yes, this piece IS done using COLORED PENCILS! I still get people wondering if that's true or not. Trust me, they are pencils...I'm not that good on the computer plus, I am going to college for drawing and illustration so I have some practice with it. Like I always tell people when they ask how I got the colors to look that bold is just use LAYERS. Lots and lots of layers. In Kagome's shirt alone are the following colors:
Apple Green, Parrot Green, Grass Green, Olive Green, and Dark Umber. See, LOTS of colors. I also use Prismacolor colored pencils w/a set of 96 colors so they're real easy to blend and that's what makes them pop and look bolder. If there's more people out there with questions, feel free to ask! Really! I don't bite and I love answering questions and helping people out when it comes to their own drawings!!

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