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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Howdy-ho, Otaku-reenos! The last couple weeks have been hectic at the casino�what else is new. Hmph. We had a concert Friday with Joan Jett�some oldy rocker person that I didn�t know but I did recognize her songs once she was singing them. The casino�.was�.PACKED! OMG, I wanted to shoot myself, it was so bad. The only good thing was I had an awesome tip night making almost $300 in tips in ONE NIGHT!O_O It was surprising because most of the guests were college kids and they don�t tend to tip worth crap but I got lucky. Must be the red hair.^_~ I�m saving my tip money though for when I go to the Renaissance Fest again in August as well as for the NY Anime Festival in September�although I REALLY want to get another dollfie too. My dollfie is so lonely, he needs a buddy!

Anyway, I FINALLY finished my Inuyasha and Kagome drawing. This was like, 2 months in the making. *snort* I had stopped working on it in the middle of it because I wanted to start another drawing, so I got the other drawing started and decided I needed to get this drawing done first. Heh. I even wrote a short story with it so if you guys could take a look at it and comment, that would be peachy:

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