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Friday, June 5, 2009

Hello everyone! Hope you�re doing well. I ordered my kitty, Jenks one of those nice jungle gym thingies and I spent some time assembling it and stuff and go figure�he�s having more fun with the box and the extra screws than the gym.>_<

One of the other supervisors at work got fired yesterday�well, she has 2 weeks but then she�ll be gone. I�m surprised it wasn�t me since I�m the �newest� supervisor but I was saved mostly because I�m the only duel rate and can fill in as a banker as well as a cashier so therefore, I�m more valuable. I s�pose I�m lucky�even though I hate my job but it�s a little hard to find another one at the moment when it seems like all companies in our area�and around the country, are firing people left and right.

And boy, am I ticked that Adam Lambert didn�t win American Idol. Grrrrrr. They say his downfall was because he became so popular and therefore, his personal life became public and it was soon spread that he was gay. Psh, some people would rather vote for the cookie cutter contestant, .ie. Kris Allen, rather than the person who actually truly deserved it. Heaven forbid that a rocker/goth/gay but EXTREMELY talented person win. Feh! Plus, the state that Kris was from �pulled some strings� making it completely free for anyone in the state to text their vote for him. That seems a little unfair if you ask me. Oh well, Adam Lambert, we all know you deserved the trophy but I�m sure his albums will whoop Kris�s.XP

For those who haven�t seen American Idol, here�s a youtube video (well, a song with pictures since American Idol pulled all videos off youtube from the show since they want us to buy the videos on iTunes) of one of Adam�s performances of �Mad World,� I highly recommend at least listening to a little of it, if not all, to really hear what a great voice he has:

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