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Friday, January 30, 2009

I’m being stalked by a putty-tat right now…>_> Little booger.

Anyhoo, how are all you wonderful people doing this fine filled freezing afternoon? I had a hair appointment yesterday but what I wanted to do she couldn’t get done in the amount of time set for me. See, my natural hair color is a really deep, dark, auburn but…I’m going gray!!! I’m in my 20’s and going gray!!!*weeps* It’s hereditary though…my mom and sis both had to start dying their hair in college and so did I.>_< Seriously, if I didn’t dye my hair I’d have like, Inuyasha hair.XD So anyway, I wanted to go a lighter reddish color, nothing crazy but just a little lighter and more vibrant but the problem is, with me having my hair dyed dark auburn you can’t just put a lighter shade of red on top of it and expect to be able to see it…they have to strip the color out of my hair and since I want red (a very difficult color to work with in hair) she needs at least 4 hours to play around.O_o So, I have another appt on Tuesday and I’m her last client so she can have as much time as needed. A little scary? I think so.XD But my hair stylist is truly amazing and I have a lot of faith in her.^^

Whelp, I’m still waiting to hear about the library assistant job that I applied for. The people I had used as references told me that they were contacted though from the library job so that’s good! It means they are looking into me at least! I’m still waiting for a phone call. *stares at phone*
I’m going to play with my brand-new printer today…I had to go and buy a USB cable for it…you know, if you spend $300 for a printer, the LEAST they could do is throw a USB cable in there because common sense tells you that, DUH, people are going to be using their computer to print out things! *bonks head* I had to spend $30 just for the cable! And it was 10% off too because I got the cable from Circuit City and that chain is going out of business. *grumbles* At least a Best Buy is in the process of being built like, right across the street. Lol! Have to wait till September though…*twiddles thumbs*

Oh and I download the Adobe Creative Suite CS4 package. I now have Adobe Photoshop CS4!! WOHOO! And a billion other Adobe products but that’s the main one I wanted.^_^

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