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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Uber thanks to all those who went and looked at and commented on my new drawing! Luv you guys!!! If you havenít seen it yet, hereís a linky-poo:

Iím glad people liked the new drawing and it looks like I already have some customers too! lol! On here and on Deviant Art. The next chibi Iím working on is going to be my OC elf thatís actually going to be my logo and mascot for my online/eBay business. In the book on selling on eBay, he highly recommends having one since it not only draws the customers to you but it also helps them remember you. So, Iím going to get that done and then move on to other chibis. Iím still trying to think of a store name though. I was thinking ĎElvesí Anime, Art, and More.í What do you think? The book recommends a store name that shows people exactly what kind of products youíre offering but not to be too complicated. Any suggestions would be wonderful and appreciated!

I applied for a new job. I REALLLLLLLLLY hope I get it because not only does it pay double what I make now but itís also something I love. The job is a Librarian Assistant and it was on Craigís List. I thought it had to be fate because for 1)Iíve NEVER been on Craigís List before, 2)It had been posted that very day, and 3)Ever since I read the motivational book, ĎThe Secretí it said that if youíre not happy with your current job or youíre looking for a way to make extra money, then be on the hunt for anything that will help you. Hell-O, this is exactly what I need! A job that not only pays well but itís with something I love. BOOKS! I keep repeating in my mind that I *will* get this job and hoping that the stars align and I get a call. *crosses fingers*

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