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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello all my wonderful Otakus! How are all of we on this beautiful, sunny day?...well, if you live in my area, it’s in the single digits (brrrrrrr…) and cloudy.>_>
Anyhoo, I have a request from all of you that will greatly assist me! Could you please tell me your 2 all-time favorite anime characters and your 2 all-time favorite video game characters? I’m going to be starting work on a series of chibi drawings to end up making into keychains and bookmarks and stuff to sell on eBay (and to eventually sell at Cons as well) and just wanted to make a list of some faves. And if your character(s) are from a not-so-well known anime or game, could you please tell me the title of it? Even if you don’t “like anime” anymore, then who *used* to be your fave? All input would be greatly appreciated!^___^

Thanks for all your guy’s kind words in my last post! As you can probably tell, I’m in good moods again! YAY! My whole falling into depression thing has been going on for months. I’d say, since September is when it started and it was getting worse. Suicide was NEVER an option for me, so don’t concern yourselves with that since a couple of you seemed worried I was. I could never kill myself…that would be SO selfish to all my friends and family plus, life is worth living…even though you’re upset all the time.XD I’ve always been a believer that people make their own destinies and I needed to stop relying on others to make it better…I was just waiting for positives to fall into my lap without me, myself, being the one to help gain them and wallowing in the fact that it wasn’t. The book ‘The Secret’ is what motivated me…that’s really all I needed…was some motivation! Someone to kick me in the ass and say, “HOP TO IT, GIRL!” If you believe good things will happen to you, then they will. You’ll start noticing the goods and less on the bads. Life isn’t always perfect and you expect it to be, then you’ll just have a life time of disappointments.

I have to go to work tonight and then I’ll have 2 days off in a row!!! YAYZ!!!!!! And a new episode of ‘Ghost Hunters’ is on Wednesday! Double YAYZ! Plus, I have a new anime to watch that came from NetFlix…’Blood Brothers’…it’s about 2 vampire brothers! Triple YAYZ!!!

Another cosplay picture from the behindinfinity group, check them out on DA if you want to see more!

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