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Friday, January 9, 2009

Greeting and salutations to all my lovely otaku’s! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and New Years! What was your #1 fave gift you received? Mine was a GPS…a surprise since when I asked for one, my parents pretty much said no because it was too expensive. I was very happy to get one! Especially the one they got me…they got me like, the cream of the crop in GPS’s…has a built in mp3 player and has a special feature to download and play audio books! Pretty sa-weet! The GPS will come in handy once again when I go down to NYC and visit Angie and Adam (I wish I could give Adam a bowl of my home-made chicken soup! Poor guy is sickly).

My New Years was nice…it was a little sad in that this was the first New Years that all my friends couldn’t be there because most have moved to Philadelphia. So, it was just me and Ty…which was fine since Ty is my best buddy (and will maybe become more in the near future…>_>). All we did was played Seinfeld Scene-It, stopped long enough to watch the ball drop and clink our Vanilla Cokes together, and then go back to playing Scene-It, and then finish the night by playing Mario Kart Wii on wifi and then Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He managed to beat me once! Grrrrrr….how dareth he beatith me while I’m Link and he’s Ike! HMPH!
But yes, no alcohol for the first time this New Years…just a week prior, I got a REALLY bad stomach flu which took me about 4 days to recover fully from (my parents almost think it could have been food poisoning too…not really sure, all I know is that it was AWFUL!). I’ve been trying to avoid alcoholic beverages in general though…it’s no longer fun to get drunk with friends…I dunno, it used to be fun but now I don’t like how it makes me feel. *shrug* I guess I’m just maturing at an alarmingly fast rate. *takes a sip out of her Disney Princess’s mug*

So, onto some semi-serious things, I was in a pretty deep depression for quite some time. I’ve never been like that before…I mean, I was upset ALL the time. I was moody, I didn’t want to do anything but sit around and watch TV. I even stayed away from my beloved Otaku because I knew it was something I enjoyed and I just didn’t want to do it. My artworks have been ignored and neglected. I stopped eating and I’ve officially dropped 10 pounds and a pants size (a big deal for me since I’ve been the same pants size since high school). I’ve just been…bleh. So, on New Years I decided I’m sick of moping around and being self-loathing and needed to do something about it. I wanted to avoid the cost and crap of going to a doctor just for him to put me on some pills that will either make me better or make it worse.

So, I did a little research and ended up getting a self-help book (well, audio book to listen to in the car) called, ‘The Secret.’ Most of you may have heard of it…it’s quite famous. That book changed me! It sounds so corny but it did! It guided me to how to look at things differently. When things look at their worst I needed to ask myself, ‘why is this upsetting me?’ and most importantly, ‘am I the cause of this?’ The hardest thing for most people to do is to admit that something they, themselves, are doing is what’s making them upset. Once I got past my own stubbornness, I realized that yes, I am the cause of my own problems. ‘The Secret’ helps you to fix the problems and move on. It also guides you and motivated you to make your life better. Since I’ve listened to this book, I’ve finally started seriously getting underway of selling my artworks and creating a small anime store as well on eBay. Hopefully, within the next couple months, I’ll be starting the listing of my artworks (I’m going to be making characters in chibi form, making them into keychains, and selling those…an idea that I saw another anime artist doing at NYAF…such a simple idea, yet so brilliant!).

So yes, I’m finally starting to feel happy again and my artworks are slowly coming out of their coma and going to be brought to life again…and I, myself, am being brought back to life too.XD
I’m sure many of you have seen this famous cosplayer found on DA, beyondinfinity…a group of super, awesome people who are down-right amazing in their cosplaying:

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