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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thanks for all the birthday well wishes! Special thanks to Innocent Heart for the adorable fan art!^_^ I had a nice birthday…my parents took me out to dinner and my brother was there too. I got a really pretty fairy necklace, a heated blanket, custom floor mats for my new car, and my bro got me Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii (that game is mad addicting). After that, I hung out with my friend Ty and he had gotten me the game, Seinfeld Scene-It…which I had REALLY wanted as soon as I had seen a commercial for it since I’m a HUGE Seinfeld fanatic. So we played that and then we watched some bad movies to watch-instantly via NetFlix.

Whelp, my main reason for updating was to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas…or a happy Honakuh or nice Kwanzaa or whatever it is you celebrate…either way, I hope it’s Merry!...oh my gawd, I just saw the sun come out…haven’t seen the sun around here in weeks!!! And I promise to get to everyone’s sites who commented on mine the other day…I just didn’t have the time to. Now, I’m off to my parents house to open some presents and see FuzzButt.
Anyhoo, have a good one!

And if you live in frigid cold weather like I do…I wouldn’t recommend what the ladies are wearing in this picture.XD:

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