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Saturday, December 20, 2008

We got another big snowstorm Friday and I got a call from work telling me not to come in for my night shift because they were closing down. Wohoo! It was good in the fact that at least this time, I didn’t have to drive all the way there risking my neck to get there only to be told we were shutting down in a few hours.

I got my new car back from the shop yesterday as well and it looks as good as new. Can’t even tell a deer committed suicide into it.

I had slipped and fallen in the parking lot going into work last week and landed hard on my right knee. Bruised it up and I was limping on it for a few days. I go to my chiropractor this week for my neck and shoulder problems and she tells me my left hip is out of alignment and she had to pop that back into place.>_< She said it was because of my fall. Ergh.

And funny, I read my monthly horoscope and it was telling me that I was going to have major issues this month and I was going to have an “emotional crash” on the 5th…well, I had hit the deer on the 4th and had all the issues with the rental place on the 5th and I’d say that is when I had an emotional break-down. Creepy. But then it said that things would get better and I’d be happy again by the 25th…well, duh, it’s Christmas and of course, presents equals happy.

We’re having our secret Santa exchange at work tonight which will be fun. I already know who my secret Santa is and know what she got me…it’s some special edition Twilight book filled with lots of pictures and facts about the book and movie. I’m happy with that gift.^^

My birthday is tomorrow (yes, the winter solstice, the coldest, shortest day of the year, lucky me) and my parents are taking me out to dinner…my brother is also home from his year of having to drill sergeant the army reserves which is good. After that, I’ll probably just hang out with my friend, Ty and play some Super Smash Bros Brawl, Mario Kart, and watch some bad horror movies.^^

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