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Friday, December 12, 2008

Thanks to all those who checked out my new drawing! Brought me some joy in my crappy life. Lol! So yeah, if you havenít seen my new drawing, please do because I appreciate it:

With my last post I talked about how I hit a deer with my brand new car and this was the first deer Iíve ever hit in my life. Where I live in upstate NY, there are deer EVERYWHERE! So up here, itís often not a matter of ďifĒ youíve ever hit a deer, itís ďwhenĒ will you or have you hit a deer. I think everyone I know has hit a deer at some point in their lives so my time was up, I guessÖjust wish it wasnít only 2 weeks after buying a brand new one.

We got a MONSTER snow storm today. A mix of rain and then sleet and snow. I had to drive into work and a normally 35 minutes drive took me an hour because my drive is virtually all highway and people werenít going any faster than 40mph because the roads were so bad. The casino actually closed early too which rarely happens so instead of getting out at 3am, I got out about 11pm and got home a little after midnight. The storm is supposed to continue till late Friday so thatís going to be swell.>_< I really hate the weather hereÖI donít know why I still live here. Iíve been thinking of moving to North Carolina for awhile because my sister lives down there and she loves the weather. I just canít handle the winters anymore and am tired of being cold all the time. And then seeing how much my bills go up during the winter months as well because of the cost of heating. Ergh. Perhaps one day Iíll actually have enough motivation to move again.XD

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