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Saturday, September 27, 2008

So the first day of the NY Anime Festival is done. Tomorrow will be the fun day because that’s when we’re cosplaying and I’m going as Kallen from Code Geass. I’ll get pictures, don’t worry. Today was fun though! Angie and I met up with Otaku’s bossman, Adam and hung out with him. Through him we got to meet Iron Chef Morimoto and get our picture with him which is awesome! Angie was wearing a shirt that said “I Love Yaoi” in Japanese on it and Morimoto was trying to read it and luckily for Angie, he didn’t know what it meant.XD He was asking what yaoi was and she kinda fumbled trying to explain it without sounding like a perv.XD XD XD She just said it was “a certain genre of manga.” Good save, Angie!^_~ We then waited in line forever and again, through Adam, we got to get autographs from both the illustrator and writer for Vampire Hunter D and Final Fantasy! Wohoo!!! Yoshitaka Amano drew illustrations in both Angie and my book and the writer drew a picture too with a red heart. “Only for the ladies” he said.XD

Adam, Angie, and I then went to a sushi place (Adam forced me since he knows sushi isn’t my fave but he got me the Naruto Maki to make me happy) but then I made it up by thoroughly kicking his butt in Super Smash Bros. Brawl when we went back to his place. Well, I should say, he beat me a few times at first since I needed to get into my groove and then I whooped him after that. And FYI, we made Adam play as Peach in a match because he wanted to know who I’d be most embarrassed to lose too.XD Adam lost horribly as Peach and I plan on pwning him when we play Mario Kart Wii so be prepared Adam to lose to a chick once again.^_~

Oh, and I bought a “squishables” pillow plushie in the shape of a snail at the fest. I named him Adam…the bossman is insanely honored by it and he told me whenever he has a bad day, it’s my duty to hug my Adam to make bossman Adam feel better.^_^

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