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Friday, September 19, 2008

I did a little bit of shopping today and visited my parentís house to see our doggy, Harley and my kitty, FuzzButt. I picked up this old Chinese Art Brushwork kit my grandma had gotten me years ago. Iím re-doing my apartment (since my bro isnít taking it back, itís really officially *mine* now) and Iím doing lots of the Feng-shui design and wanted to create some of my own Chinese/Asian art to put on the walls to match some mirrors and other decorations I got for it.

*Blah* I need more days off from work to prepare for my workshop at the NY Anime Festival. I mean, I know Iíll be ready in time but Iím going to be rushed. Iím thinking of asking one of the ladies I work with to switch hours with me this coming Wednesday since Iím leaving for NYC Thursday morningÖbut my boss schedules me to close the casino Wednesday night. The jerk. I need all of Wednesday off not only to prepare myself but also to squeeze my belly dancing class in there to relieve some stress before I go to the fest.
I donít think all people know quite what belly dancing isÖitís a very beautiful and seductive dance form thatís *SO* much fun to learn and do. I found this video on youtube of a belly dancer who is just plain amazing. Thereís a few forms of belly dancing and the one in this video is considered a ďdrum soloĒ dance where itís more-so about mimicking the beat of the music with the body rather than a more free-flowing dance that another form of belly dancing does. Everyone should watch this because itís so amazing and whether youíre male or female, itís very hypnotizing and truly gorgeous. Iím not nearly up to this level yet with my classes but I do know many of the moves sheís doing! Go me! Heehee! So, watch and be amazed at what the body can do:

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