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Friday, September 12, 2008

Thanks for those who checked out my new drawing and commented on it! I do appreciate it. If you havenít seen it yet, I would appreciate if you would since like, no one was around yesterday *weeps*:

Iíve been preparing for my workshop at the NY Anime Festival. Iím excited about NYAF this year because the illustrator for Final Fantasy will be there! Iím sooooo getting him so sign a poster for me. Also, Iím cosplaying this year as Kallen Stadfield from Code Geass! I got it off ebay and itís being custom made for me as we speakÖhereís what the outfit looks like:

Isnít it hot?! It doesnít come with the wig though and it took me awhile to find a wig that would work and I ended up getting this one:

And I talked to my hair stylist and sheís going to style the wig for me so it looks like Kallenís since Iím afraid Iíd ruin the wig and Iím having that sucker expressed shipped to me from China so I donít want to screw it up! I canít wait, itís going to be so much fun.^_^

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