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Monday, September 1, 2008

So, I was all looking forward to having Labor Day off and then…I get a call. From one of the ladies I work with begging me to switch days with her because she wants Labor Day off. Ergh…and then she started with the ‘this will be one of the only days I can spend with my husband’ and ‘we wanted to have a picnic with the kid’ basically, GUILTING me into subduing to her will. I agreed but man, I wish she could have asked me PRIOR to the day before the day off because I was all pumped to have Labor Day off and was going to work on my elf drawing all day and relax and watch some movies and now…I get to go to work. Yee-di-freakin’-haw. I need to learn to not be so nice and say no once in awhile. But my next day off will be Wednesday so I’ll work on my drawing then and it’s the day of my belly dance class to so I look forward to going again.

Some of you know that I’ve been living in my brother’s apartment while he’s been doing drill sergeant stuff in New Jersey (and for those who didn’t know…now you do!) well, he told me that he doesn’t plan on taking the apartment back which means…it’s all mine! YOSH! I love this apartment..it’s a 2 family house which means I have half a house to myself and the people who live below me are awesome and it’s a nice, quiet neighborhood, and super cheap rent so I love it and am glad I can now stay here. Plus, it will probably mean I’ll be getting my own kitty.^_^ FuzzButt is technically my mom’s cat and doesn’t live with me and now that I’ll be staying here I want my own putty-tat! It’ll be a few months though since my bro has to take some of his things out when he comes back…like his super comfy leather chair that’s amazing to sit in but…cats like to claw leather and his poor chair fell victim to FuzzButt’s claws when I was watching him for a week.>_<

Picture of the Day comes from Vampire Knight…it’s Zero! *pets him*

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