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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I started taking real belly dancing lessons today! I say “real” since I went to an actual class rather than just learning it from DVD’s I NetFlixed.^^ It was so much fun!! The teacher said I was a natural.^_^ I just have to hope my boss doesn’t switch my days off again or else I won’t be able to make all the classes…I’ll need to talk to him about that since he’s been tossing my schedule around all over the place lately.>_<

I got to do a couple sketches of one of the main characters for the manga/story idea I had mentioned in my last post….a short story involving a real elf that gets himself warped into a now-a-days Renaissance Festival. My friend, Angie and I are coming up with this thing and we pretty much decided that the elf wasn’t going to be the standard, serious elf…more-so very curious, playful, poking his nose into things, that kind of deal hence why when he is at this Renaissance Fest…he’s all over the place trying to figure things out. He’s going to have red hair, green eyes, and be wearing mostly green (like most elves.XD) but Angie and I are bouncing names around so wonder if you guys can pick your fave of this group of names for him. So, here’s 2 quick sketches I did of our elf so you can see him:

The names we have are: Hallvedar, Anaryan, Narille, Runya, and Runyasul. I do plan on completing and coloring the one image of him being “active” just because I want to. lol! So yeah, pick your fave name or if you come up with another name, throw that out too! Thanks!^_^

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