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Friday, August 22, 2008

I’m back from my vacation! Miss me? *crickets chirp*….well, it was only a week but such a fun week!
My friend, Angie, from New York City came up and stayed with me. Over the weekend, she, Tyler, Gavin, and I all went down to Philadelphia to stay with my friends who had a townhouse down there, Cara, Howard, Courtney, and Phil. The first day we went to the Renaissance Festival which was awesomeness. After that we went to Hershey Park to take the Hershey tour just so we could get free chocolate. YAY!

The next day we went to the Eastern State Penitentiary...one of the most haunted places in the country (anyone who’s a fan of ‘Ghost Hunters’ on Sci-Fi may know the episode where they went there…it was the one where Brian freaks out and him and the cameraman run off and he’s yelling “DUDE, RUN!!!”…it’s also the episode where they saw a black form walk towards the camera and then turn around and go back). I had something interesting happen to me though when we were talking down one of the halls…some of the old prison cells are left open while others are boarded closed, well, as I walked past one of the boarded doors, it shook!!! Like…it sounded like someone had grabbed a latch and was shaking it. I just stopped and asked the others if they had heard that. This place gives everyone headphones to wear to listen to documentary when walking the place but I had taken one of the headphones off and no one else had heard it. The first thing I did was try and see if the wind had shook the door (Ghost Hunters refer to this as “debunking”…pretty much trying to figure out anything else it could be besides a ghost), so I put my hand to the door and tried to shake it…nothing…that door was boarded completely solid. Then Angie tried it and again, she couldn’t get it to shake at all. Angie said that we were being followed and I bet anything that if there was something following us that it chose me to shake the door at since I was the only one who would have heard it with my headphones being off. Pretty darn creepy but so cool at the same time. Now I have a ghost story to tell people.XD

Whelp, I have more fun stories to tell from my vacation but will save those for later. But, I leave with a quote said by my friend, Howard to Gavin that amused me for some reason:
“Dude, you’re just mad ‘cause I slayed you.”

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