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Monday, August 11, 2008

The other day at work, I had forgotten my key to get into my locker. Not too big of a dealÖexcept my bowl for my ramen was in there NOOOO!!! I always bring in ramen for my din din at work but wash and leave my bowl in my locker soÖ*sniff* No ramen for me yesterday. I bet the stinkiní Elves stole my key! *shakes fist at them* I ended up ordering onion rings from the casinoís bar but when I went to go pay for them, I was getting hit on left and right by the guys drinking there! Iím like BAH! Leave me alone!!! I just want to go and eat my onion rings!!!

So, Iíve been staying up later than usual *cough*BlameMarioKartWii*cough* I canít help it!! Itís SO much fun but what Iím addicted to is the ever-so wonderful wi-fi feature of the Wii so Iíve been dueling people on Mario Kart from around the world! You can choose to race against just friends, regional, or worldwide and of course, I want to battle worldwide and itís neat because it tells you where your opponents are from. In one race, I was racing against people from Japan, Australia, France, Britain, China, Canada, Germany, etc. etc. I think itís really cool! I met my match thoughÖit came from a guy from Japan named Mirotu-HinoÖhe was my rival. Him and I were going back and forth from 1st to 2nd place. Grrrr. But itís so addicting! Iíd be playing it a lot more but stupid work taking away from my Mario Kart Wii time!! Feh!

Oh, and I found out from Mrs.Sessy514 that thereís going to be a season 2 of the anime, Vampire Knight coming out!!! I looked it up and sure enough! Season 2 is going to start airing in Japan! YAY! I didnít think they were going to continue it because most anime series that are only 13 episodes long means that thatís it. Thereís no more. But there will be more of Vampire Knight!! *grabs Zero and dances with him* Now I just have to try and wait patiently for October to get here. *twiddles thumbs* And hereís a piccy from Vampire Knight to conclude my post:

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