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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I’m taking my dad out to a late Father’s Day dinner tonight…yes, SUPER late Father’s day present but my dad and my own schedule don’t exactly coordinate since I work nights and well…he sleeps like most people do at night.XD He’s then treating *me* to the new Batman movie…even though I’ve already seen it but he wants to see it and my mom doesn’t like movies so he wanted someone to go with him. I enjoyed the movie and I just watched Batman Begins the other night so now I can understand certain parts better.

My friend, Ty came over the other night. He brought over Mario Kart Wii and I thoroughly kicked his butt at it. He’s played this game SO many times and I’ve only played it once and I still whooped him. He just glares at me while I gloat about it.XD We then ordered Chinese food and I got something I’ve never had before which was Curry Chicken with Onion and it was yummy! Very spicy even for curry! And then we watched the first Hellboy movie. We both had wanted to see Hellboy 2 in the theaters but it’s not playing anymore. BOO! I just wanted to see it since the main bad guy is an elf…and me love the elves, evil or no!
I have a day off from work and then I have a 7 day stretch and then I finally have my vacation!!! YAYZ!!! Even though my vacation is less than a week long.:-( I could have taken off longer but I needed to save some days for the end of September since I was asked to be a guest artist again at the NY Anime Fest and I’ll need time off for that. *sigh* I miss the good ‘ol days when I went to school and had all summer off.

Picture of the Day is of Sephiroth! *pets his hair*

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