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Monday, August 4, 2008

Well, I’m about half-way through the fourth book in the Twilight series, ‘Breaking Dawn.’ It’s so good and it’s taken a lot of turns I was *not* expecting! I probably would have had it completely read by now if it wasn’t for work. Stupid work taking away from my reading time! BAH! But if anyone out there has already finished it and dares ruin it for me…I will send my minion of evil gnomes on you!!! *shakes fist*

Something interesting happened at work yesterday…we had a bat in our department of the casino!! Like…a real bat, not a baseball bat.XD It’s so funny since we’re in the “secured area” too because we work with all the money but somehow, a bat still got in and it was flying all over the place and my coworkers were shutting themselves in any room they could to get away from it. I was laughing so hard because I’m not afraid of bat…granted, I don’t want one landing on me but I think they’re really cool and cute.XD Well, at one point, one of my coworkers named Sue had to go into the back hallway to get something and she asked me to “watch her back” because she was scared of the bat. Well, if anyone knows me, that was a really stupid thing of her to ask because I love messing with people.^_~ So as she was creeping down the hallway all quietly and stealthy-like, I scream, “OMIGOD!!! LOOK OUT!!!” Oh man, I swear she leapt 18 feet in the air and screamed bloody murder and bolts back towards ducking and cowering as she goes. I was laughing my ass off and she finally realized I was screwing with her and she started laughing and then proceeded to call me all sorts of choice words I dare not repeat on this site.XD XD XD But anyway, long story short, security eventually got the bat out of there and set it free so now we are no longer infested with bats in our “secured area.”

Oh yeah, and the other day when I was talking about the oh-so-wonderful anime, Vampire Knight I had said it was 12 episodes…it is actually 13 and don’t know why I typed 12…I have a tendency to round numbers because I don’t like odd numbers for some reason. It still needs to be longer though! AH!

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