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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So, it’s 5:36am…got home from work about an hour ago and quickly finished up my contest entry for Adam’s bossman evil cupcake contest before bed.XD I think it turned out pretty well…seeing as how I had to rack my brains to try and figure out how to create and draw an evil cupcake. lol! But, if you can take a look and comment, I’d appreciate it:

Work has been keeping my pretty stressed out the past few days. I guess you can say, I had an emotional breakdown on Friday where I just burst into tears and couldn’t stop. My coworkers were like, OMG! What’s wrong?! Which makes it worse because I don’t like being consoled or spoken to when I’m upset but they were freaked out because I don’t really…show emotions besides being happy, I suppose. Our department has been short-handed for months now…since March and my boss has been having me do the jobs of up to 3 people a day (while getting paid for one) and it’s been non-stop overtime and I feel so overworked, so being taken advantage of, and so feeling under-appreciated that I think the weight of it all finally crashed in on me and I couldn’t hold back my emotions anymore and my happy mask cracked because I couldn’t hold it in place anymore. *le sigh* But I’m just trying to stay strong and one of the ladies I work with brought me a root beer float to make me feel better and it did. I have a few days vacation coming up in a few weeks so I hope that helps stress detox me a little.

And I had Monday off and my boys, Ty and Phil took me to go see the new Batman movie which was as awesome as everyone said it was. Heath Ledger was down-right brilliant as the Joker. And then we swung by Borders and I bought some books and manga…I guess when life lets you down, there’s always manga to cheer you up.^_^

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