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Friday, June 13, 2008

I’m glad you guys enjoyed my pictures in my last post! Thanks for the compliments on the pictures too…even though those weren’t really any “hard-core” pictures since I was just playing around with my new camera and trying all kinds of different settings and stuff. To answer the question a few people asked, my new camera was about $600. It’s a $900 camera that was on sale.^^
Oh, and my kitty, FuzzButt…yes, that’s his real name.XD And FuzzButt is a pure-bred Ragdoll Cat (yes, that really is a breed of cat) and he is…super fuzzy. His fur is obnoxiously soft…like petting a bunny rabbit! And the Ragdoll cat breed is supposed to be so sweet and docile and not like to jump on things and don’t meow much…heh…FuzzButt is the polar opposite of everything a Ragdoll cat is supposed to be but that’s why we love him. He’s got a lot of personality.XD

Like I said in my last post, I had brought my dollfie, Siluvan with me to my parent’s house so I could take some pictures of him in the small graveyard next to my folk’s house. The graveyard is very old (the most recent date on one of the stones being in 1890) and consists of only 8 gravestones. We learned a few years ago that there is actually 53 people buried there but the stones are gone!!! The graveyard goes back into the woods and over the hill apparently but only these 8 stones remain. Kinda creepy knowing that there are a bunch of un-marked graves in our backyard…very Poltergeist-ish.>_>
So yes, I took loads of pictures but these are a couple of my faves that I thought I’d share. I want to take more pictures of him with more gravestones but this was my “practice run” with my new camera and I know now that I should wait till even later in the evening to take pictures since I thought it was getting too dark but I think it being even darker outside would make it more dramatic!

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