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Monday, June 2, 2008

So, I started taking belly dancing lessons! Woot! It’s so much fun! You know, amazingly enough out of everything on me that hurts the most…it’s my shoulders! You’d think, “belly dancing” would involve more-so, you know, THE BELLY! But a lot is put into the arms and shoulders to do things like the “snake arms” and the shoulder rotations. I have strong legs but incredibly weak arms and shoulders (comes from being a hard-core Cross Country runner) so I’m not used to having to work my arms so much and a lot of belly dancing is being able to hold your arms in really graceful positions that strains the shoulders. Plus, a lot of the hip routines in belly dancing is done with the knees, not the hips. I love it though and can’t wait to learn some more!

So, you guys remember my pride and joy which comes in the form of my Dollfie, Ducan? A quick summary of Dollfies for those who don’t know, they are custom-made dolls (made in Asia) that are very tall, very detailed…very expensive…XD I always had wanted one but didn’t want to buy one till I found the perfect face, I knew I wanted a boy one and I found just that one from the Dream of Dolls company. The dolls are only built once an order is placed so it had taken me about 6 weeks till I got mine. I had gotten the “Homme Ducan” model and here’s a picture I had taken of mine last summer:

This one is considered a D.O.T. model…stands for “Dream of Teen” since this one is considered a little larger than most Dollfies but it’s not as large as the next model, which is the D.O.I. (Dream of Idol).

What’s cool about them is that all their clothes and even their hair, is able to be changed! I loved my Homme Ducan clothes and hair but I finally decided to splurge and get him something new. I stuck with the Dream of Doll company since they truly make the best outfits and wigs (all are hand-made) so I bought him new clothes and hair and kaboom! It’s a whole new Dollfie! Hee! I absolutely love it and love the wig I picked out for him since it gives him an elvish/vampire who lived in the Victorian era look.XD I also gave him a new name…Siluvan is his new name. Siluvan means “I will shine” in elvish. I reeeeeeally want to do a drawing based on Siluvan since I love the look and it’s pathetic…but I spent more on HIS outfit then I would ever spend on an outfit for myself.XD XD XD Here’s a picture of my pimped Dollfie:

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