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Monday, May 26, 2008

Got into a rather heated state of being the other day when Adam asked for ideas on how to bring those members who left Otaku to return. Some rather offensive and not well thought out things were said…such as actually totally getting rid of myO and just focus on getting new members since they state that myO is obsolete and should be canned. And that’s going to bring back the old members, how? Rather than answering the question, they decided to go off into a totally different direction. I think if they get rid of myO, then Otaku Boards should be canned as well since from what I know, that section is old and obsolete as well. Those people then proceed to call us whiners and complainers and then throw out text book reasons on why we are upset about the changes…something they always do since apparently, they’re psychic as well and know all of us and can read minds. They just can’t get it through their heads that we don’t look at myO as just a site and trying to continuously state how much more improved Worlds is with all its flashy stuff isn’t going to change that fact…
I think my dear friend, Sammy (SessLover18) put it perfectly when she compared myO to a pearl necklace your grandma gives to you. It’s something you hold close and treasure and it’s not because they’re just some old string of pearls, but it’s the memories behind it. According to what *those* people say/think, they are waving a diamond necklace in front of us saying, “oh forget about those old pearls…look at these diamonds…oooOOOoooo they’re so sparkly and are WAY better than those pearls.” But what would you rather hold onto? The thing that had meaning to you? Or something that had no meaning but looked prettier? However, let us pretend that you were never really close to your grandmother or didn’t like her but then someone offered those pretty diamonds in front of you, psh, who cares! Get rid of the pearls and take the thing that’s more flashy since you never had much emotional connection with those pearls to begin with.

I could go on and on about this but I’ll stop now before I write and entire essay analogy on the topic once again.XD
So, I’m training the new banker at work…freakin’ finally got a new banker. The last one quit due to her not liking the other supervisor who had trained her so my boss threw the new girl at me since he knows that I get along well with everyone I work with. The new girl (well, lady) is awesome! She used to work for Disney and was the characters in the costumes! My cousins used to do that (identical twins that were incredibly pretty) but not anymore since they’re in their 40’s now, one still works for Disney but for the website or something. I told the new girl I had always wanted to do that but I’m an odd height to be any character…being 5’8” but she said I could actually be Tigger or Eeyore! Lol! But then she said that I could actually be a “face character.” Meaning a character who doesn’t wear a “head” like Snow White, Cinderella, etc. I don’t think I’m pretty enough to be one of those characters but it was sweet of her to say and she said I look like one of the girls she knew that was a face character. I still think I’m too tall…most “princesses” aren’t 5’8” and with shoes, “5’9” to 5’11” with heels…I’d probably scare the kids away when I loomed over them.XD XD

Bah, this post is getting too long and I’m too lazy to find a picture right now so, sayonara!

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