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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yes, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is indeed coming to Adult Swim. When? Iím not sureÖall I know is that this anime is seriously, amazing. The story, the characters, the drama, the animation. Oh! Oh! OH! SUGOI!!! I have a feeling, Iíll be seeing lots themes and fan art and fan fic of it when it starts airing on Adult Swim. Glad Iíve already seen it so people canít spoil it for me! Feh! I think the 2nd season is almost going to be released in Japan so Iíll be downloading it. WOOT! And that may be a problem if they donít show the nudie-ish scenes in this anime, because thereís this one scene in particular (itís a shower scene) where crucial story line takes placeÖI wonder if theyíll still air it?

Anywho, I am now an official duel-rate cage/bank supervisor! My boss came to me Thursday to let me know I got the job. YAY! More money for Elves! The downfall is he has me working 55 hours next week! *dies slowly* Itís because our casino also has horse racing and the racing season starts this Saturday as well as the Kentucky Derby as well as a whole bunch of give-a-ways as well as fireworks and crap, so he needed me to come in on my day off to ďobserveĒ for a few hours and then start ďworkingĒ from there. Oiy, itís going to be a mad house. 55 hours thoughÖIím a whole 12 hours more than any other person having to work overtime in my department. I guess thatís good? Shows the boss respects me and believes in me? Or, he knows Iím a hard-worker and a sucker and will do it without complaint.XD Itíll be a stressful, exhausting week but overtime is more money so thatís good, I guess.

And speaking of Code Geass, Iím working on a new drawing thatís based off itÖno idea when itíll be done due to my hectic work schedule but the line-art is done so Iíll be working on and off throughout the week one it.

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