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Thursday, April 24, 2008

For all those who asked, here’s the article that was written about me in the newspaper. I didn’t have to scan the article because it’s posted online…yay! Less work for Elves! But here’s a link to it:

I can’t get over how lovely the weather has been around here lately. Where I live, we have bad weather like 76% out of the year but this past week has been sunny and warm and the cherry blossom tree right outside my window has bloomed and looks beautiful. It’s been steady about 70-80 degrees which I think it perfect. I love really warm weather though since I’m a string bean that doesn’t insolate heat at all.XD I need to move somewhere warm…but I don’t like beaches…I’m not a fan of sand and salt water…makes me feel gritty and gross. I LOVE woods and forests though.

Picture of the Day is again, Code Geass.XD Sick of seeing pictures from it yet? lol! I know Code Geass is coming to Adult Swim soon…hope they don’t butcher it with the dubs like they usually do. Do they show nudie scenes on Adult Swim? There’s a couple of near-nudie parts in this anime.XD I love the name of Lelouch’s little sister (she’s the girl in the wheelchair), her name is Nanaly but the way they say it is so pretty! It’s like, naw-na-lee…if I ever have a girl (hopefully never since I hate children but you never know) I’d name her Nanaly.^^

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