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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I’ve been watching more of the live-action drama, Hana Yori Dango. Gah, it’s so good and addicting! *shakes fist* It’s based off the anime/manga, Boys Over Flowers. I’ve been putting off watching more of this show because not only do when you start one episode…you don’t stop until like, 5 episodes later (each eppi is about 45 mins) and you’re up until 4am because you HAVE to know what happens next! AH! Plus, I don’t want it to end! lol!

But this show leads me to this question…why in animes/mangas do the girls always end up with the jerks? In Hana Yori Dango, the main girl, Makino, bounces back and forth between the ill-tempered, always calls her names and puts her down jerk, Domyouji, to the the super sweet, has saved her butt from getting raped and beat up, and always comes to her when she’s upset guy, Rui. Yet, she seems to lean toward the jerk and I’m like, what the?! That happens in SO many animes/mangas and I tend to compare Domyouji and Rui to Kyou and Yuki since they really are almost exactly alike. lol! Rui’s nickname is even “Prince Charming” kinda like how Yuki in Fruits Basket is called, “Prince Yuki.” Yet Tohru falls for Kyou and Makino falls for Domyouji and the nice guys are left in the dirt. They always end up becoming “the friends” in these stories. Even though yes, I have read all the volumes of Fruits Basket so I do know what happens in Yuki’s love life in the end.^_~

The Picture of the Day comes from Hana Yori Dango. There are 4 main guys in the show but the 2 guys to the left and right of the girl, Makino are the love interests. Domyouji is on the left and Rui is the guy in white on the right and I’m still not done with the show…there’s still a 2nd season to watch!! AH! Though I doubt her and Rui will end up together. *le sigh*

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